Studio Jesper K Thomsen
Studio Jesper K Thomsen

Inventor and Product Designer

Studio Jesper K Thomsen was founded in Copenhagen in 2000 and is run by Inventor and Product Designer Jesper K Thomsen. The studio works versatile across industries but always with the headline "Simplify and make sense" to create problem solving product solutions that are easy to understand and use.

Product design

Selected solutions by Jesper K Thomsen Studio

The studio works with everything from IOT solutions like health tech

and ITS to simple low tech furniture and lighting projects  - and with customers from both the commercial and public sector. In addition to working as a consultant for various customers and helping to solve their problems with product design and development, Jesper K Thomsen is also an entrepreneur and has created several companies based on a problem that needs to be solved. A good example is DoseSystem A/S, an orgazation build from scratch to arise new market opportunities within the field of offering digital medicine reminders to municipalities and pharmacies across Europe.


As a consultant, innovator & designer I am driven by the desire to make a difference. My method is proven, I solve problems with simple solutions and user friendly & minimalistic designs. Throughout my career, I have made good ideas come to life, from sketches on a piece of paper to real business. My clients include the below.


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No task is too big or too small, we have a team around us and can involve the necessary resources if we don't have it in-house